Summer Reading Plans

Summer is just around the corner! I don’t know if it’s the terrible weather we’ve been experiencing in Chadron or my general feeling of being behind, but I cannot believe that next week is our last week of regular classes. This semester has flown by, and my stress for my remaining assignments is just about to peak. On a more positive note, I cannot wait to start my summer reading! When I was in high school, we didn’t have any independent reading in the classroom, so I had to cram as much in during summer and winters breaks as I could! I know that my classmates didn’t read as much as I did, but I don’t think certain summer reading programs would have changed that.

Donalyn Miller said, “When we communicate to children that the only reason to read is to earn a reward or grade, we fail to impart reading’s true value. Reading is its own reward and it bestows immeasurable gifts on readers.” When we impose rewards for independent reading on students, they lose sight of what reading is really about. I also believe that when students are reading only for extrinsic reasons, they won’t read as much as they could. If students are assigned one book they hate, they may (or maybe not) finish it and then will stop reading for the rest of the summer. If they read for their own personal growth and entertainment, who knows how much reading they’ll get in?

Other than my general love for reading, my sister will make sure that I read all summer! Alli is about to graduate from high school and loves reading YA books. When I saw her for Easter, I lent her The Hate U GiveTurtles All the Way DownThis is Where it Ends, and Eleanor & Park. She finished The Hate U Give and This is Where it Ends in less than a week! I know she’ll keep prodding for more suggestions.

Because I babysit all summer, I know that reading a book every day is a little out of reach for me. Last summer, whenever I tried to read while they were playing, they’d get a little jealous! However, I think two per week is a challenging and doable goal to begin with. I will read for twenty minutes each day I babysit with the triplets, every night before bed, and while my family watches TV. I like to read in silence, so my dad’s hunting earmuffs have been an invaluable tool!

These are the YA books I already have that I want to read this summer, and I live very close to my town’s library!


  1. I agree about using the rewards to get students to read. Using rewards is not a way to get students to love to read and learn to enjoy the books. I think your summer reading plan is excellent and I’m sure you will be able to meet your goal! Hope you have a great summer!!


  2. Hi, Timmi, I like that you are being realistic about the number of books that you will be able to read this summer. I’m with you that reading a book a day is out of reach for my summer goals considering everything else that happens in the summer. An important lesson I’ve learned from this class though is that I have more time to read than I think I do if I make reading a priority. Well, it sounds like you have a busy summer planned babysitting triplets and reading. Enjoy!


  3. Timmi,
    I can’t believe summer is coming up so soon! I feel like I have so much left to do before then. I think your goal of two books per week is awesome! I know I won’t be able to read anywhere near that since I couldn’t do it during the semester. I always think I will be less busy in the summer and I am always wrong! You have some great books to read. Good luck!


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