Captain Underpants







Quite a while ago, our week’s articles were focused on banning and censorship. I was surprised to see so many books that I had read on the list, but I was even more surprised to see Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey. I hadn’t read any of the books, but I watched the movie last summer and wondered how such seemingly harmless books could get such a negative response.

Luckily, Brian Doll had the first four books and allowed me to borrow them. Last week, I read The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsCaptain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space (and the Subsequent Assault of the Equally Evil Lunchroom Zombie Nerds), and Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants. In the first “epic novel,” George and Harold, the two ornery main characters, bought a “3-D Hypno-Ring” and hypnotize their mean principal, Mr. Krupp. They convince him that he is Captain Underpants, a character they created in their regular comic books. Before they can turn him back, he jumps out the window to fight crime. Eventually George and Harold figure out that dumping water on him turns Captain Underpants back into Mr. Krupp. However, whenever someone snaps, Captain Underpants is back! The next three books revolve around different trouble the boys get into with Captain Underpants and his sudden arrivals.

I strongly disagree with whomever thinks these books are inappropriate. First of all, even though George and Harold cause trouble in school, they also create a series of comic books. How cool is that! They’re bored in school, but they’re still writing and creating! Also, the book doesn’t use the most mature humor, but that’s why the book is so popular with young kids. I, a twenty year-old who is somewhat close to earning a Bachelor’s Degree, laughed out loud multiple times in every book.  Admittedly, I don’t have the most mature sense of humor either. Anyway, if you’re looking for a light, funny read, Captain Underpants is for you.



  1. I somehow missed this last week, but I’m not going to just not comment on this! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and didn’t dismiss them as juvenile books that used a lot of potty humor. My brother never liked them because he read them as a teen and thought they were plain stupid. Maybe they are, but they made a movie, so Dav Pilkey did something right!


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