Taking a Moment to Reflect

Digital literacy… Coming into this class, I wasn’t quite sure what those words meant and how they would affect both my education and my future classroom. During my prior schooling, technology was first being implemented into the classroom. I remember utilizing a tool called “Type to Learn” all throughout elementary. Then in middle school, my class started learning how to use different Microsoft applications. In Language Arts, we focused mostly on Microsoft Word but also Publisher and PowerPoint, and we briefly learned about Microsoft Excel in some of my other classes. Promethean Boards were first being introduced in my school at this time as well. In high school, I had to blog only a few times, but my technological knowledge did not grow much. My mother, who is the sixth grade teacher at Fleming School has begun to implement different technological tools into her classroom, and other teachers have been doing the same.

Because I didn’t have much prior experience of using technology in the classroom, I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this class, but I was definitely excited to expand my current knowledge level. This class has done that and so much more. Other than just learning how to use technology for my education, I have greatly enjoyed learning how to implement it in my future classroom as well. Something I have loved about this class is that we are not taught what to think about technology and/or what resources to use. Instead, we are encouraged to research and discover for ourselves what will be useful in our classrooms.

My favorite module so far has been Module Six. During this week, we chose an approach to learning and researched it. This was my favorite because it really made me think about the way in which I am going to teach my class. All of the optional approaches were useful and applicable in different situations, but I thought it was really fun to think about my personal pedagogical theory and how I want my students to learn. The toughest module so far has been the one focused on digital storytelling, week seven. At first, it was a tough concept for me to grasp, and I had to do a lot of digging to fully understand what ds106 was. However, after I did gain a better knowledge of it, I found it to be really interesting and definitely found benefits to implementing digital storytelling into my future classroom.

There isn’t one specific topic I wish to learn about during the remainder of the semester, but I am looking forward to becoming more prepared to incorporate fun and beneficial technology into my future classroom.



  1. In the beginning it’s pretty common for students to not know what to expect of ENG-361. Many think it’s about technology instead of about conversing/participating in the digital/online world. And yes, ds106 is difficult to comprehend until you really get into the daily activities. But I think it will be a beneficial activity, even if initially frustrating. This first half of the semester has been incredibly busy with account set up, PLN, and ILP, but I’ve been impressed with how much ground this class has covered and with the sense of community both in blogging comments and on Twitter. I’m looking forward to a great second half of the semester.


    • I apologize I just now remembered to respond to your comment! I was definitely one who thought this class would be more about learning about technology than participating in it (if that makes sense…). I’ve really enjoyed the conversation this class has had over the past several weeks via Twitter and our blogs, and I’m very excited for the second half of the semester!


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