The Power of Progress

This week’s session was just like any other. We started with the alphabet; however, rather than taking over ten minutes to pronounce all of them correctly, I finished this week’s alphabet in record time (probably, I didn’t actually time it). Although Eli was jokingly bragging that it was only because he was such a good teacher, it was so great to see progress! We then moved on to the bathroom terms again. I found that I was able to remember more words and meanings than our last session. We moved on to phrases using some of the bathroom terms, and we ended this week’s session going over a few new words.

Eli and I have also begun greeting each other in Spanish. Although these conversations are very brief, it is great to have to have to think on my toes about what each word means. It sparks conversations with those around us as well. People seem really interested in the fact that I’m learning Spanish! I also like the way my name sounds with a Spanish accent better than the way I say it (the Spanish version sounds like “Theemee”)! Today, in a class Eli and I have together, he asked me what I would say if I needed to use the restroom and was very impressed that I remembered, “Necesito ir al banol.”

Something substantial I noticed from this week’s session was a gain in confidence. After reciting the alphabet (almost) perfectly, the rest of the session was completely different. I was more confident in reciting words as well as their meanings. Moving on to phrases, my accent was smoother, and I think it was because I was more confident in my Spanish-speaking abilities.

After our session, I began thinking about my future classroom and the importance of progress. Not every student will be an A+ student by the end of the year, but I as a teacher need to recognize the progress they do make to build their confidence. Being a positive role model for my students will inspire them to do the same for other people in their lives. As students, teachers and just as humans, I think we too often focus on what we didn’t do; however, we must always remember the power of progress.



I also included two pictures of notes I have taken from our most recent sessions. At this point, the bathroom terms are review, and the phrases are becoming more familiar. The terms in the last picture are new to me.



  1. I find it funny that the fact that you are learning Spanish will spark up conversations with others. Sounds like you are making good progress and I applaud you for that. I like how you mentioned that kids learn all different ways and at different paces. This process will help you understand the struggle students may have someday.


  2. Timmi,
    It still amazes me that you are learning Spanish. I asked my roommate how she says some of the bathroom items and they are different from what you learned. Do you know where Eli is from because their Spanish could be different from his.
    Great Post!


  3. How awesome! Looks like your ILP is coming along very nicely. I wonder if by the end if the semester we will see a video of you speaking? I think it is really nice that you have a friend so nice to work with you. Your writing really shows how excited you are about learning. Great Job!


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