Expanding my Horizons

When first reading this week’s assignment of following at least 100 new accounts on Twitter, I was a bit shocked and reread the instruction multiple times. I thought it must have been a typo or something. 100? Really? When first trying to accomplish this seemingly impossible task, I couldn’t believe how many interesting accounts I found. I had a different Twitter account previous to this class, but I was new to the site and rarely checked my feed let alone tweeted anything. As I followed one account, three more great accounts would pop up. I focused on literature and education, and I figured I would have to broaden my search to other areas in order to reach the assigned 100 new people, but I was pleasantly surprised. I found English teachers, elementary teachers, principals, authors I like, accounts about new books; you name it. I’m realizing Twitter literally has an account for everything! I think that following 100 new people this week will give me a really great base for the future. I probably won’t find all of them beneficial, but as time goes on, it will be easy to tell which accounts will be worth keeping on my feed.

Something I found extremely interesting was the diversity I found in the accounts I looked through. I followed some higher-up people in education, and I followed some everyday teachers as well. I was also surprised that when I began following educators, other teachers I didn’t originally follow would follow me. To me, this shows how eager teachers with PLNs are to learn from others and how beneficial these PLNs really are. I wasn’t familiar with blogging before this class either, but there was a multitude of education and specifically English education blogs that will be extremely helpful to me in the future. What I appreciate about blogging vs twitter is that it has the potential to get more in-depth, but they are still casual and fun to read!

Everyone I followed was either involved in education or literature, so I think my PLN would value my posts if I included ideas or opinions on those topics.Something that may hinder my following base is that I obviously don’t have experience teaching English quite yet. I was a TA in high school and have observed many hours, but I don’t have any real experience. I definitely have much more to learn from my PLN than my PLN has to learn from me. I (as of now) don’t have much knowledge to share with them except for my ideas (that haven’t actually been tested out yet) and what I have learned from my professors here at CSC. However, as I become more experienced, I think my network will grow, and exploring what it means to have a PLN this week has really shown me how important it is to learn from other educators across the country and across the world.



  1. In making PLNs it is crazy once you start following other people in your course area how many people start following you! It just goes to show you how much of a difference they actually make in your learning journey! As for wanting to have information for those who follow you it will come! I think it is just as important to have a fresh opinion as it is to have an experienced one!


  2. Timmi,
    I found the same thing! I was really worried about following 100 people, but once you follow one person you can creep through their follows and the ones following that! It is amazing how many people you can add with just one click. I had no trouble finding 100 people but I had a hard time stopping. There Aare so many great accounts out there!


  3. Hey,
    When I started this weeks assignment sheet, I thought that I was never going to be able to reach that 100 PLN. But the more research I put into it Twitter, the more people I found. I never anticipated finding as many people as I did to follow. I think its awesome to have such a diverse networking community. I am glad to have the opportunity to learn from all the new people I followed. I think it’s ok for now to just ask questions about their posts! That way when we teach we will have seen some ideas tried by others before us.


  4. The same thing happened to me when I began reading the instructions for this week. At first I thought wow 100 people that is going to be impossible! I am glad that you found people to follow in your PLN and I bet you will keep finding more as time goes on. Also, I think you might be surprised on your PLN being able to learn from you, even though you haven’t been able to test your strategies, I bet they will be open to try some of your strategies if they are out of ideas!


  5. I felt the same way when I read 100 and could not believe how easy that actually was. I followed many educators with my focus being on PE but the more I got to looking, If I followed a PE teacher their administrator would usually pop up. Talk about a place to see who’s hiring. #PLN


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