Nunca dejar de aprender (Never Stop Learning)

Photo CC- By Barry Pousman

I have talked with many people who have taken this course in previous semesters, and this segment of the class is what I have been most excited about. There has been many skills I wish I would have learned or activities I wish I would have done, but I can never seem to find enough time or the right time to fulfill these desires. The extraordinary thing about this assignment is that it forces students to partake in activities they (a) are very interested in and (b) wouldn’t normally find time to do.

There was a lot of ideas I came up with and that friends suggested for this assignment. One was learning to do makeup well. I have scrolled past countless tutorials on Facebook, but I can never find the time or motivation to attempt these new looks myself. It doesn’t help that I give myself about thirty seconds between the time I wake up and the time I scurry out the door in the morning. Another idea I came up with was dedicating two hours of my week to reading and digging into literature that challenges me and broadens my horizons. I have recently discovered an addiction I have to ordering books, and I now have countless unread books sitting on my desk. I have also been an on-and-off piano player since I was six years old, and I think the hours would fly by while sharpening my piano-playing skills. I have recently also had the desire to learn the ukulele. I have heard it is one of the easier instruments to learn, and the sound of it is really beautiful. A friend of mine also suggested doing yoga. I feel sore most of the time from volleyball, and this activity would help alleviate some of that soreness as well as improve my flexibility.

While all of these are suitable choices and things I hope to do one day, I ultimately decided to learn a new language, Spanish in particular.  My step-dad is an elementary principal in a heavily Hispanic school district, and he has always stressed the relevance of knowing Spanish for people working in education. I have had a desire to learn a new language for a while now, but the thought of it has always intimidated me. Spanish-speaking students make up a large percentage of the ELL students in this country, so this ability will look great to future hiring principles. More importantly, this skill I am planning on acquiring will help me connect to and help all of my students, and not just the ones I share a first language with.



  1. Timmi,
    When I first saw the title of your blog I was immediately confused although you gave the meaning in parenthesis it lured me in to read what you had to say. I think it is so awesome that you are going to have Spanish as a second language! I personally took two Spanish classes in high school ONLY because it was required. Of course all the perks of having a second language under my belt would be nice especially knowing all about the benefits and I always thought it was so cool hearing people being able to talk in more than one language but it never clicked with me. Darn it! But that is so awesome for you and I’m sure it will come in to great use in your near future!


    • Bailey,
      I also took multiple years of Spanish in high school, but I can count the number of words I remember on one hand. Like your situation, this class was a requirement, but it was more like study hall than an actual class. I’m learning from a friend who is also an education major who is fluent in the language. I’m very excited to learn Spanish, and I hope I can carry it into my future teaching career!


  2. I wondered if anyone would be trying a new language for their independent learning and here you are. This would be an amazing thing for a person to learn in college because you can about name the job you would want in any school. I am interested to see how you go about this! Great idea!!


  3. Like I said earlier, I took two years of Spanish in high school, but I wasn’t very interested in learning the language at the time, and we did homework most of the time in class anyway. As a teacher, I think this will be a great skill to have, and I can’t wait to start learning!


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