Drowning in Technology

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In the age so focused on social media and the internet, you would think that technology would be seamlessly incorporated into the classroom by now. This may be true in some schools; however, I believe many (if not most) teachers are struggling to keep up with the rapid technological advances society is experiencing. There are many older teachers in the business, and these people are labeled “digital immigrants” opposed to “digital natives” given to younger people. However, I don’t think it is by any fault of their own. I’m not even in my twenties yet, and I find some technology to be frustrating and seemingly impossible to use.

Technological advances are only increasing with time. This makes it even more important for teachers to be digitally literate. First of all, what does that even mean? When first searching keywords “digital literacy,” I found multiple free online courses that are supposed to help people familiarize themselves with computers and computer programs. While we are focused on digital literacy in education, many people across the world are also struggling to keep up with nonstop technological advances. For teachers, I think digital literacy is the ability to be aware and knowledgeable about any useful technology and being able to effectively incorporate it into lessons; however, this is easier said than done. Teachers must be constantly looking for new ways to better the technology in their classrooms. I will be teaching secondary English, and I think there will be a multitude of opportunities for students to discuss readings as well as complete projects through technology and the internet. The link I added at the bottom of the page provided some useful ideas for incorporating technology in the classroom.

In order for teachers to be “effective digital learners and leaders,” the importance of learning technology needs to be stressed even more. I think that a lot of teachers are encouraged to use technology in the classroom when they themselves are not confident in their abilities. Throughout this course and throughout the rest of my college career, I hope to close the gap between my current knowledge of technology and the level of knowledge I need to have to be an effective teacher. In doing this, I hope to become familiar with a number of computer programs that I can teach my students as well.

Although I have spent 400 words writing about the importance of technology in the classroom, I will add that I don’t think using it is always automatically the best way to teach. I think technology should definitely play a role in the classroom, but older, effective methods shouldn’t be disregarded just because they aren’t new. Just like everything else in life, teachers must find a balance in their classrooms in order to provide their students with the most beneficial learning experience.


Technology in the Classroom: What is Digital Literacy?




  1. I agree with your last paragraph so much! Teaching shouldn’t all be technology. In almost every classroom where I am from students have Ipads or Chrome Books just for taking notes! I think sometimes good ol’ pen to paper is great especially for memory reasons. Balance is a great way to describe it. Technology is great, but allow students a break from the screens!


  2. I agree with the issues that you discussed in your post. I am 27 years old and I am out of the loop with a lot of the newer technology. I had to have my step sister, who is in middle school show me how to get around on Twitter. Technology is changing every day it is hard to keep up with everything that is out there. I think it would be a great idea for teachers to hold a meeting with each other about once a month to discuss the different technology they are using and how it can benefit others in the classroom. This will help the older teachers to become more familiar with what is out there.


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